We made a few interview with our friends.

Ania.jpg Ania
Interview with Lavinia
Ania: Do you like plants?
Lavinia: I love plants very much.
Ania: Do you like Harry Potter?
Lavinia:I like Harry Potter too.
Ania: What is your favourite subjects?
Lavinia: My favourite subject is Maths, but I love Romania Language, Physic and English.
Ania: What do you do in your free time?
Lavinia: In my free time I like reading books, listening to music, watching TV and walking in the park too.
Ania: What is your favourite sport?
Lavinia:My favourite sport is handball.
Ania: Do you like school?
Lavinia:I like my school.

Interview with Niki
Misia: How old are you?
Niki:I'm 13 and I go to the second grade of gymnasium at my town, Alexandria.
Misia: Have you got any sisters or brothers?
Niki:I don't have any sisters or brothers, but I have got 3 cats: Red, Frou Frou and Lili.
Misia: What subjects do you like?
Niki:I like Maths and French.
Misia: Do you like badminton like me?
Niki: I like badminton too.
Misia: What is your favourite kind of music?
Niki: My favorite kinds of music are Pop and Rock.


karolinaT.jpgKarolina T
Interview with Diana
KarolinaT: What kind of music do you like ?
Diana: I like pop .
KarolinaT: What singer do you like ?
Diana: I love Michael Jackson and I have many posters with him .

KarolinaT: What kind of books do you like ?
Diana: I like adventure books :)

Karolina T : Do you have "Twilight" ?
Diana: No, I don’t have this book .
Karolina T : How many times do you go to the library ?
Diana: I go twice a month to a school library .

Interview with Ebru

Karolina T: What’s your favourite season?
Ebru: My favourite season is summer because I like spending time at the seaside.
Karolina T: What do you do in your free time?
Ebru: In my free time I like reading books and listening to music.
Karolina T: Do you like your school?
Ebru: Yes, really like my school, because I like getting to know different informations.
Karolina T: What is favourite food?
Ebru: Balance diet. My father cooks meal and I like eggplant the most.
Karolina T: Do you write poems?
Ebru: Without poetry life would be nothing to me, because is very important in people lives. That’s why I like reading poems.

Thank you for your mails, and we'll wait for more :)
On our third number we will add interviews with friends from Turkey too.