michalina.jpgI wrote a letter to one of girls from Greece – Athina.

My name’s Michalina but everybody calls me Misia. I’m 13 years old. I go to the first class Gimnazjum Nr 1 in Zawiercie. I have got an older sister. Her name is Maja and she’s 17 years old. She’s got long brown hair and green eyes. I also have two dogs - Pedro and Fiona. Their race is German Shepherd Dog. I have a little cat to ! Her name is Flora . My hobby is music. I love all kinds of music. I have learned playing piano for 4 years and guitar since a year. My favourite sport is badminton.
These are the most important things about me. Now I’m waiting for letter from you ☺

And this is an answer from her:

…well, as you know I'm 13 years old, too. I have an older sister, Stella, who is 16 years old. She's got long, brown hair and green eyes, too! I have a younger brother. His name is Aggelos and he is 5 years old. I love music, too! Who are your favourite singers? I like Robbie Williams, Taylor Swift, Anastacia, James Blunt, Evanescence and others from Greece (Helena Paparizou, Despoina Vandi...). I've been playing piano for 6 years! I like tennis, volleyball, basketball. Unfortunately, I have got no pets. But I like dogs. I wanted to know, how is your every-day life there?

I answered her and I hope she will write me soon :-)