external image wawa_1.jpgFrom 10th to 11th of June we were in Warsaw on an award ceremony concerning our eTwinning project entitled „Etwinning in school library”. Our group won the third prize. We (Ania, Karolina, Misia) went there because our work was the best from all.
We came to a hotel on 10th of June and we took a part in a conference about eTwinning. There were three lectures about it and we saw a dancing performances by youth group „Pearls”. That was colorful and dynamic show.
In the end we all received an award and a diploma. In the evening and next day we had a tour around Warsaw. We visited an Old Town, „Łazienki” park and we went up on 30th floor of Science and Culture Palace. There was a great view on all Warsaw. Although Karolina had acrofobia, she was there with us. Misia was afraid of elevators and she wanted to go there by stairs, but it was impossible, because we had no time for it.
The trip was great and we hope that during next school year we will take part in a project, which will win a prize.

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Ania, Karolina & Misia